Our program is made to teach and empower the next generation of prescribers.

Interested? Email us at training@santecannabis.ca

Think of Santé Cannabis as your partner for specialized medical cannabis services. Many physicians are unfamiliar with cannabis and cannabinoids as treatment options or find that they do not have time to keep up with medical cannabis research and best-practices.

If you are comfortable prescribing medical cannabis, but would like some support from our nurse-educators, simply fill out our Medical Document.

You’ll need to indicate a daily quantity of dried cannabis (g) and a period of use which may not exceed one year.

Fax the forms to our office by secure fax: 1 (844) 714-1181
We will contact the patient to book an appointment with a Santé Cannabis Educator.
After the appointment, you will receive a detailed report of the education and recommendations provided, including a treatment plan and follow-up schedule

Please note that when prescribing medical cannabis all physicians in Quebec must adhere to the guidelines of the College des Medicine du Quebec.