Medical cannabis is legal in Canada. However, it is still considered an unrecognized treatment by the Collège des Médecins du Québec. We’re working to change that.

Santé Cannabis’ mission as a CRO is defined by its years of experience in clinical practice and support services to the medical cannabis community. The collaborative networks developed over years of working to empower patients provide our researchers with unique insights about medical cannabis treatments. This knowledge places our multidisciplinary team of experts at the forefront of innovation and allows them to help industry leaders take the next steps to improving patient care.

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Santé Cannabis operates at the intersection of clinical practice and R&D.  From concept development to implementation, we guide projects to completion with custom analysis and support so we can turn your ideas into fully operational studies. Our services include:

Expert consultations
Product development and costing
Regulatory Support
Data analysis
Market analysis
Study design and refinement

Our data base of more than 6, 000 patients established over a 5 year period of rigorous, high volume assessment and monitoring help us develop clinically-driven, high quality replicable studies. Santé Cannabis’ team of experts, research personnel and regulatory-approved infrastructure can assist you with:

Protocol development
Ethics and regulatory submissions
Study manual and vendor support
Patient recruitment & marketing
Monitoring & reporting
Data analysis, publications & presentations

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Innovators and caregivers striving to meet the complex needs of the medical cannabis patient community.