Canada’s Centre of Excellence in medical cannabis.

From patient care to innovative clinical research and practical healthcare professional training.

Since 2014, we’ve led improvements to quality medical cannabis care and continue to advance the understanding of cannabis-based medicines. 

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We’re nurses, doctors, researchers and educators that innovate and advocate relentlessly to redefine evidence-based cannabis medicine.

We provide unparalleled services from an individual to a big scale: we’ve supported over 10,000 patients and conduct world-leading clinical research.

Because we’ve done it before, we know the ins-and-outs of this field better than anyone.

A Santé Cannabis nurse smiling to welcome a patient A Santé Cannabis nurse smiling to welcome a patient A Santé Cannabis nurse smiling to welcome a patient A Santé Cannabis nurse smiling to welcome a patient A Santé Cannabis nurse smiling to welcome a patient

Our Services


Access our clinic in-person or virtually across Quebec.
No-fee, medical cannabis assessment, prescription and personalized treatment recommendations, insurance support and ongoing follow-up.
When and where you need it.


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Refer a patient and let us help you to provide the best care.
Learn out about our education and training opportunities to build your medical cannabis knowledge and experience.
In-person or virtually, let’s move forward together.


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From observational studies to clinical trials.
Benefit from our cannabis research experience and expertise to support the success of your project.
We’re here to help, each step of the way.


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Our Values


Every patient is welcomed at Santé Cannabis and we strive to personalize every experience. For patients and for partners who share our mission, no matter your background, we’re here for you.


We’re committed to excellence- in the care that centres every patient’s needs and the delivery of innovative, dependable research and training services. This means ongoing review to make sure we’ve always giving you our best.


Medical cannabis access has come a long way since 2014, but we still have a long way to go. We advocate for policy changes and facilitate research to drive knowledge and promote diversity, equity, dignity and respect.


Our patient-centred education and personalized treatment plans promote empowerment, putting patients in the driver’s seat of their own health. Healthcare professionals and partners can look to us as a resource centre for all cannabis needs.


1. Book your appointment

with our easy online booking system.

2. Complete your appointment

with us and receive your personalized treatment plan, patient handbook, insurance support or any other help that you need.

Order your medical cannabis

from one of our partners, or a licensed medical cannabis seller of your choice.

4. Start your treatment

we’ll work with you every step of the way!

* We might offer participation in one of our research projects- if you’re interested, we’ll take it from there! 

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Patient care available across Quebec

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Healthcare professionals

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Partners across Canada and international borders

Our education programs support healthcare professional training and collaboration.

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We provide expert clinical research services, to support projects large and small, from real-world evidence to clinical trials.

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