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Available Physicians:

Dr. Naila Debbache
Dr. Michael Dworkind
Dr. Issie Weisglass
Dr. Lorne Wiseblatt


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For current patients

Follow-up Appointment or Phone Appointment with a nurse

Log in to your profile to book an in-person or virtual follow-up appointment with your Santé Cannabis physician or one of our nurse services such as an education session or insurance support.

Available physicians:

Dr. Michael Dworkind
Dr. Viviane Hoduc
Dr. Vincent Lebeau-Lamoureux
Dr. Howard Mitnick
Dr. Barry Posner
Dr. Issie Weissglas
Dr. Lorne Wiseblatt
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*If you are having trouble with the application or if you have forgotten your clinic location, please contact us by phone (844) 419-4131.