Santé Cannabis is in jeopardy and we need your help. Due to a critical shortage of funding, Santé Cannabis must reduce services in order to continue operating. 

Santé Cannabis is the only public, no-fee cannabis clinic in the province, and currently supports half of all patients using prescribed cannabis in Quebec. 

But medical cannabis support services are not sufficiently funded by the public healthcare system. Santé Cannabis has faced rising costs due to COVID-19 and reduced funding from the cannabis industry.

Our patients depend on us. 

Please help us continue our essential medical service, and help make this an important issue for the next government of Quebec.

Here are ways that you can help:

  1. Make a contribution to our fundraising campaign
  2. Share our campaign with your network
  3. Send us a testimonial
  4. Continue with us and access your medical cannabis from authorized licensed sellers
  5. Be patient with us during this difficult time


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  • Patients using cannabis for medical purposes require care and education that cannot be provided by store clerks. 
  • Vulnerable populations require personalized professional support to ensure they use medical cannabis safely and responsibly. 
  • Medical cannabis authorizations provide protection to individuals who rely on it to work, and to care for their families.
  • Children and young persons living with conditions such as cancer, refractory epilepsy or autism, can only access cannabis for medical purposes, and require personalized professional support.
  • Some patients receive reimbursement for their medical cannabis expenses, such as through Veterans Affairs Canada, CSST, SAAQ, and health insurance spending accounts.
  • Patients who grow their own cannabis require a medical authorization, especially in Quebec where home cultivation is otherwise prohibited.
  • A wider range of cannabis products are available to patients via medical channels than the SQDC, including but not limited to, vaporizers and topical creams.
  • Cannabis purchased on the recreational market cannot be declared as a medical expense on income tax.
  • Healthcare professionals like physicians, specialized nurse practitioners and pharmacists are needed to identify potential risk factors and drug interactions that require monitoring and follow-up.


“I have very severe arthritic pain and have no cartilage left in my shoulders. I have been suffering from chronic and acute pain for 16 years … The staff at Santé Cannabis have been my support and lifeline. This is a medical necessity for me, not a luxury. Medical cannabis improves my quality of life and I get some reimbursement for it on my income tax. Closing the clinic would be a disaster.

– AK


“Santé Cannabis is an exceptional resource for people like me for whom the traditional medical system has had precious little to offer. I will be eternally grateful that you were there for me when I was out of options and looking for a different way to manage pain and obtain some rest.”

– DR


“I am in a lot of physical pain, and if I had taken the normal path without access to medical cannabis, I would have to take morphine every day. Before I came to Santé Cannabis, I was already using cannabis for my pain and I didn’t have a tax deduction. However, I have been using it as medicine for years, without support.”

– GT