Will Veterans Affairs Soon Cover Vape Pens?

The federal government ministry that oversees pensions and benefits for former members of the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police is considering expanding its coverage of medical cannabis to include disposable vape pens.

Veterans Affairs spokesperson Marc Lescoutre told the Globe and Mail on Friday that “consideration will be given to whether coverage should be extended,” as part of an effort to keep the marijuana program as “up to date” as possible.” Veterans Affairs has been reimbursing the cost of medical cannabis products in dried flower form for military veterans and former RCMP officers since 2008. More than 10,000 veterans submitted requests for the reimbursement of their medical cannabis over the last year. The ministry offers $8.50 for every gram of dried cannabis purchased.

Adult use of reusable and disposable cannabis vape pens was legalized across Canada in the fall of 2019, although provincial governments in Quebec and Newfoundland have banned their sale. Patients in Quebec and Newfoundland who have a medical authorization for cannabis however can still purchase them from Licensed Producers.

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