Glossary of Terms




All plant materials, components and derivative products of the cannabis plant, including flowers, leaves, seeds, stalks, and other materials and cannabis resins, extractions and other products. As defined in Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

Marihuana, Marijuana

Dried cannabis flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant as defined in Schedule II of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

The historical term Marihuana or Marijuana has recently been dropped from legal and regulatory legislation in Canada in favour of the term << Cannabis >> however the use of the term will continue globally and within social discussion in Canada.

Dried cannabis

Dried cannabis flowers or leaves of the cannabis plant

Fresh cannabis or marijuana

Freshly harvested cannabis buds and leaves that does not include any materials for plant propagation such as seeds or plant cuttings

Cannabis oil

An oil, in liquid form at room temperature that contains cannabis in its natural form

Equivalency Factor

A factor determined by Licensed Producers to specify the equivalent number of grams of dried cannabis for specific products such as cannabis oils or cannabis oil capsules.

Importantly, the Equivalency Factor indicates a quantity for regulatory purposes but should not be considered to suggest dosing.

Cannabis varieties or strains

Distinct varietals of the cannabis plant, having unique genetic signature and expressing distinct chemical composition

Cannabis products

Any derivative products from the cannabis plant that are produced for human use or consumption

ACMPR: Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (2016-)

Current federal medical cannabis regulations enacted August 24 2016

Include commercial production and mail-order distribution of the MMPR and provisions for personal and designated personal production of the MMAR

Licensed Producer

Holder of a license to produce and distribute cannabis issued under the ACMPR

Medical Document

The required authorization for medical cannabis under the ACMPR and the MMPR

Healthcare practitioner

For the purposes of the ACMPR, a medical practitioner or nurse practitioner who is eligible to authorize medical cannabis

Medical practitioner

A person who is eligible to prescribe narcotics

  1. is registered and entitled under the laws of a province to practice medicine in that province;
  2. is not named in a notice issued under section 59 of the Narcotics Control Regulations that has not been retracted under section 60.
Responsible individual

An individual such as a spouse, family member, or caregiver who has completed required registration forms to be authorized to possess medical cannabis on behalf of a medical cannabis patient

Personal production

Under the ACMPR, applicants can apply for a certificate to produce their own supply of medical cannabis. A specific registration application form must be submitted to Health Canada together with an original medical document.

Designated person

An individual who is authorized to produce cannabis on behalf of a medical cannabis patient.