Before you book an appointment for assessment of your eligibility for psychedelic-assisted therapy, the following information needs to be reviewed to understand the process.


Psychedelic drugs, such as psilocybin, MDMA, or lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) are substances that can cause hallucinations and an altered state of consciousness. These substances have recently re-entered the medical paradigm for the treatment of mental health conditions and are generally administered under a guided therapy protocol.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy has demonstrated potential to treat mental health conditions and symptoms that have not responded to conventional treatments, including treatment-resistant depression, anxiety at end of life, post-traumatic stress disorder as well as certain substance use disorders such as alcohol use disorder. Responses to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy are personal for each patient and must be undertaken in safe, supported settings under the guidance of trained medical and mental health professionals to minimize risks.



These psychoactive substances are controlled internationally under the United Nations Drug Control Conventions and, in Canada, under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). Under the CDSA, activities such as sale, possession, and production, are illegal unless specifically authorized by Health Canada (for example, through a clinical trial, or the issuance of an exemption, such as the special access program).

At this time, there are no approved prescription drugs containing these substances in Canada or elsewhere in the world; psychedelic-assisted therapy therefore remains unapproved treatment by Health Canada, which means it is available only within a clinical trial or upon approval under the Special Access Program.



Santé Cannabis offers medical assessment for legal access to psychedelic-assisted therapy and application to the Health Canada Special Access Program for patients with specific eligibility criteria.

Step 1. Evaluation by a Santé Cannabis nurse.

During the evaluation, the nurse will prepare your medical file for assessment by the physician. This virtual session lasts about 30 minutes and will also provide education about psychedelic-assisted therapy that will be important for you to decide if it is the right treatment for you.

Once the nurse confirms the completeness of your file with you during this session, you will have the option to proceed to the medical assessment and Special Access Program application service.

Step 2. The medical assessment is completed onsite or via telemedicine with a Santé Cannabis doctor.

The doctor has had specific training for psychedelic-assisted therapy evaluation. The doctor will confirm aspects of your medical and treatment history to determine your eligibility for psychedelic-assisted therapy. A physical exam may be performed. If you are determined to be eligible, the doctor will prepare and submit the application to Health Canada’s Special Access Program to request legal access to psychedelic-assisted therapy on your behalf.



Health Canada’s Special Access Program permits healthcare practitioners to request access to drugs that have shown promise in clinical trials or been approved in other countries, but that are not available or have not yet been approved as prescription drugs in Canada. This program provides legal access to these drugs for the treatment of serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable or are unavailable. The Health Canada Special Access Program is a regulatory option through which a legal source of psychedelic drugs may be accessed and administered within a psychedelic-assisted therapy program and under the support and supervision of a medical practitioner and therapist.



Individuals cannot apply directly to the Special Access Program to request access. Only regulated healthcare practitioners, such as medical doctors, may file requests on behalf of their patients.

For this to be pursued, you must be fully informed about the process of obtaining special access and about psychedelic-assisted therapy. Once the Santé Cannabis nurse and doctor have completed the screening and assessment with you, and if you, the Santé Cannabis doctor and your other healthcare providers feel that you may benefit from the psychedelic-assisted therapy program, the Santé Cannabis doctor will complete a Special Access Program application to request approval for this treatment on your behalf. You must be aware that the decision to allow use of the medication ultimately rests with Health Canada. If you are not approved, we will work with you to find other treatment options.

After completion of the Assessment and approval by Health Canada, you will be contacted to discuss the personalization of your Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Program. There will be an Informed Consent Form provided at this time that describes the treatment protocol, you will be supported to review the consent form and our team will be available to any answer any questions that you have.



The following terms are applicable to each service. The same terms are viewable on the service receipt. The receipt will be sent to you by email following your payment.



By booking this appointment, you confirm that you understand that this evaluation and education session provides screening and information about Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy and the Special Access Program, however, it does not constitute an application or approval under this program. This evaluation is an uninsured service, and therefore has applicable fees. Fees are non-refundable.



By booking this appointment and paying the applicable fee, you confirm that you understand that by completing the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Medical Assessment with a Santé Cannabis doctor, the doctor and nurse team at Santé Cannabis will pursue Health Canada Special Access Program approval for psilocybin-assisted therapy on my behalf. You also confirm that you understand that the ultimate approval for this rests with Health Canada and not any members of Santé Cannabis. This assessment and application to the Special Access Program is an uninsured service, and therefore has applicable fees. Fees are non-refundable.