Santé Cannabis produces interactive webinars on various topics related to medical cannabis and the development of treatment plans. The webinars are live-streamed and include question periods that allow participants to interact with our physicians. Webinar recordings will also soon be available on the training portal. If you want to know how to access a webinar, or for any other questions about the webinar series, contact us here.

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Webinar details

Sept 10 - CBD : tout ce que vous devez savoir (FR)
Sept 23 - CBD: Everything you need to know (EN)

Past Webinars

Introduction au cannabis therapeutique (FR)


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Cannabis médical, dosage et ajustement thérapeutique (FR)

5pm November 22nd

Presenter: Dr. Alain Watier

Concepts discussed during the webinar:

Quebec patients are increasingly asking their doctors if medical cannabis is a viable treatment option to help them manage their health conditions and symptoms. This question may be difficult for many physicians to answer given the lack of clinical guidelines and formal professional training on the medical properties of cannabis. Santé Cannabis is making its series of webinars available so that physicians across the province are better equipped to answer patient questions and evaluate, develop and monitor cannabis treatment plans.


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Introduction to Medical Cannabis - (EN)
Determining the right treatment (EN)
THC : tout ce que vous devez savoir (FR)
THC: Everything you need to know (EN)