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Quebec Cannabis forum:



September 17th & 18th, 2020

Virtual Event


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The Quebec Cannabis Forum (QCF) offers stakeholders from different sectors of the medical cannabis industry a platform to share their expertise and knowledge. The QCF is a unique event that brings together healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, patients and patient advocates, government policy makers, licensed producers and other stakeholders to discuss the latest developments in the medical cannabis industry.

Through keynotes and panels from industry leaders, interactive and dynamic facilitated conversations, and networking opportunities, the QCF asks and looks to answer: From data to drug development, what is the future of medical cannabis, especially now during COVID-19, and what role do we each play in getting there?

This 2-day event will cover medical cannabis research themes from a multitude of perspectives.

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COVID-19 has presented researchers across all disciplines, in all phases and types of research with unforeseen challenges. However, we are also seeing unprecedented innovation, collaboration and opportunities that we are excited to explore by bringing together leaders in the medical cannabis field. We will be visiting the same themes as our originally planned spring forum.


From real world data, to clinical trials: Existing evidence and gaps on safety and efficacy of medical cannabis. Data shaping the focus of the cannabis industry. Challenges of collecting and sharing data, especially during COVID-19.


The next big cannabis-based drug. The pursuit of a DIN. Market analysis of various cannabis product formulation. Extracts, synthetics and more. Challenges and opportunities in different research approaches.


Regulations and how to navigate them. Simplifying, accessing and changing regulations in the industry. Progress in regulations and places for growth.


From prescription to pharmacy to insurance coverage: The role of research to integrate cannabis into standard medical practice. An esential service: The role of research in keeping medical cannabis accessible to patients.

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