Nursing Stories

It’s the tale of two patients.

As I engage the second set of questions and even though we are exchanging over the phone, I can discern (Paul) ‘s impending impatience. Our congenial banter of the local hockey team has stopped. The mood has strayed away from the initial merriment. The answers now come out more imperatively and with haste. As he reminds me that he is here for PAIN, I take a moment to figure out how to convince him. How to argue the importance of these data for research purposes. As I try to push through as quickly as possible, I now find myself stressed out having to ‘’interrogate’’ him about the state of his emotions, which has no correlation with his primary symptom. Should I just skip this entire section just to mediate?

As I sum up the numbers, the total would involves breaking her budget.  (Rose) explains to me with attentive solicitude she’s on a fixed income. Her negligeable monthly pension would have her committed to choose between insulin and medical cannabis. As she’s holding back her emotions, she is compelled by necessity to stop her treatment with us. She is holding dearly to her half empty bottle of CBD oil, 1 drop at a time so it could last her until this winter when her pain flares up the most.

The importance of (Paul) to (Rose). The research data collected is intended toward validating the therapeutic effects of medical cannabis, to be accepted as a medical treatment therefore covered by the RAMQ.


Pheng Lim, LPN

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